Ferrell Plumbing is a Northern Virginia based company with a 20 year track record of outstanding workmanship with attention to detail.  We strive for customer satisfaction in everything we do, and your work will always be performed by a Master Plumber with years of experience.

We are a family owned and operated company and keeping it in the family means we maintain our standards of quality control— an area where service from a larger company suffers.

We are always courteous and respective of the customers and their homes.  We aim to pinpoint the problem, fix it in a timely manner and leave your home in better shape than it was before the problem occurred.  It is our goal to make the customer feel at ease.  We get the job done quickly and as affordable as possible. We truly strive for 100% customer satisfaction and it is important to us.

Please visit “Service” for a list of services we provide. We hope to provide you with FAST, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY SERVICE whenever the need arises.

Call us immediately about your clogged drains when you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Water from a sink shows up in the tub or another place – even for only a moment.
  • Water that does not run out at all or flows slowly.
  • Bubbles come up out of the drain at the end of a sink or tub emptying.
  • A toilet level rises prior to emptying.
  • An obnoxious is odor coming from a sink or tub.
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